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This summer greets you from the Atlantic coast of France!

Inspired by the surfing hotspot of Biarritz, this season we are presenting an exclusive collaboration with Basel artist Fabian Lavater. He is a passionate painter and surfer and has lived on the Atlantic coast. More about him:

The designs for the Swimbackpack in size M and the upcycling bag "Scrap2bag",created from leftover Wickelfisch material, are characterised by this coastal landscape.

The Wickelfisch in sizes L & M come in matching colours in the combination "Bordeaux/Green" and "Sand/Ice". The size S in the classic retro design "La Mer".

In addition to this year's special models, the familiar and popular standard colours and sizes are of course also available. All items are still made from recycled materials.

All bags will be available in retail by end of April.

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