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Brand & Cult


The brand

In 2017, the product and the rights to it were transferred to the newly founded trading company Wickelfisch AG.  Its expertise (from the company had already ensured a close association with Tilo Ahmels since the initial creation of the Wickelfisch as it cooperated and developed the product with him on the production side. The transfer was therefore a natural process.

We put a lot of time, passion and expertise into developing the Wickelfisch so that it meets our quality standards one hundred per cent and delights users for a very long time.

The Wickelfisch is made by hand with great care and is not a cheap mass-produced product, despite now being in widespread use.

It’s great to see how “Wickelfisch” has since become a synonym for a swimming bag in Basel.

A success story

The Wickelfisch is now an integral part of the Basel cityscape and is indispensable here in the summer months.​

Hundreds of people swim down the Rhine, using their Wickelfisch as a float, keeping their clothes and valuables safely on them inside their Wickelfisch and, then, carry them as beach bags.

A success story from idea, to implementation, to a top product with cult status. A symbol of successful environmental protection.

The Wickelfisch is now also used in many new ways: on the beach, in the sea, on boats, in kayaks, on stand-up paddleboards and more.

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