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Sustainability and the impact on our environment are of great importance to us, and today more than ever.

That is why since 2022 all Wickelfisch products are made only from recycled PET fibers.

We believe that "from old to new"
is good for the environment.

PET Recycling

From PET bottel to Wickelfisch

All Wickelfisch products are made from recycled PET bottles into the special textile material that has the properties we want.

Pet Flaschen, Icon
Pfeil, weiss, icon
1. Collection and sorting
Pet Flaschen, Malen, Waschen, icon
2. Crushing and cleaning
Pfeil, weiss, icon
Poliester Filament, icon
Poliester Chips, icon
Pfeil, weiss, icon
4. By fusion process into polyester fibers
3. PET-Chips
Pfeil, weiss, icon
Wickelfisch, icon
5. Wickelfisch Products

Hard wearing, durable and waterproof

PET Recycling
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