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20 years of Wickelfisch

20 Jahre Wickelfisch, Geschichte

Illustration by Marianne Ghidorzi

20 Years Wickelfisch
Logo 20 years waterproof
Splash, Water

At first, it was only available in orange, made of bulky PVC, as an IWB promotional gift.


That was in 2002, but in that year the Wickelfisch remained largely unknown.

To this day, its popularity remains unbroken and is known beyond the borders of Basel.


Its popularity even reaches as far as Australia!

Today, the bulky PVC has given way to light, recycled ripstop polyester and has been technically refined.


The Wickelfisch comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns and is as much a part of Basel's cityscape as the cathedral and the "Fähri".

It wasn't until the extremely hot summer in 2003, with several days above 30 degrees, that the swim bag finally made its breakthrough.

There are now fixed sales locations in Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Holland and Ireland.

Wickelfisch Jubilee, before, after model

20 years watertight - who would have guessed it back then.

We say from the bottom of our hearts


Aqua viva

We donate one franc from every Jubilee Wickelfisch sold to Aqua Viva.

The organization works nationwide for the comprehensive protection and enhancement of water bodies, floodplains, wetlands and moorland landscapes.


Anniversary Edition

Available now with a Scrap2Bag comic booklet 



Anniversary Edition
Aqua Viva
Telebasel Logo

The Telebasel Report

Basel's favorite animal for 20 years - the Wickelfisch.
A success story, made in Basel.

Telebasel Report
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